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Created by Misha Dovhiy

Language: Swift 5

Completion date: Febulary, 2020

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod (iOS 13.2 or later), iPad (iPadOS 13.2 or later)

CoreMLVisionJSONWikipedia APIMobileCoreServicesCocoaPods
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An image-recognition app that identifying objects through the camera. The user types the name of the object that he wants the app to recognize and opens a camera where the user should show an object in real life. When the user presses on a done button it takes him to the answer screen. On the answer screen app shows was that word correct or not. On the same screen user also sees an about button which will take him to the page where he could read about that object that he wanted to find.


I've created this app to practice an image recognition CoreML model and to practice working with JSON and Wikipedia API.

CoreMLVisionJSONWikipedia APIMobileCoreServicesCocoaPods